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My domain mapping says "Expiring", but no option to renew

  1. Hi,
    My domain mapping says:

    "Expiring Will stop functioning on April 28, 2012"

    There is no indication of how to renew this. You cannot do it via the domain mapping upgrade as it just says "this domain is already mapped". How do you renew domain mapping?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried:

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

    If you have Auto-Renew enabled you can disable it and manually renew.

  3. Yes, I've tried that. it just says expiring. Here is a screen shot:

    I have a ticket with support but I wanted to check if its something I'm doing wrong. From memory last year there was a "renew" button.

  4. Did someone else renew the mapping for you last year?

    I think I saw that if another account pays for an upgrade the other account will be the one that sees the renew button.

  5. No, I am the only user on the blog!

  6. I'm having the same issue and my domain name expires tomorrow!! Kindly post your solutions when you've received them. Seems like WordPress is understaffed, I seem to be having issues posting a ticket too. Thanks!

  7. This thread is flagged for staff attention. I'm afraid that's all we can do.

  8. Thanks,
    I wonder if it is something to do with me editing my display name since the last renewal - perhaps the system thinks that someone else did pay for it!

  9. I think it has something to do with a system bug.

  10. IMHO if changing your display name means you cannot pay for renewals that is a system bug!

  11. tandava108, the mapping for that domain is owned by the chrisqq account, so you'll need to be logged in as that user to renew it.

    esbellasg, there are no domains on your account. You'll need to be logged in as the user who purchased the domain in order to renew it.

  12. @macmanx,
    I have transferred all the blogs from that old account and have no access to the domains, store, or anything. I cannot renew it from this old account. I thought the domain mapping would be transferred with the blog. Is it not possible to transfer the domain mapping to my new account?

    Here is an image when I am logged in as chrisqq - no store or domains:

  13. I can transfer the subscription to your tandava108 account, but I'll need to see the request from the chrisqq account.

  14. I will ask the owner to login and renew ASAP. Is it possible to extend the renewal deadline by another day? That would be most helpful! Also, I would like the domain name ownership to be transferred from the owner to another person, so are you saying only the owner can submit this request herself via ticket? Can I do this on her behalf instead? Thanks for your help again.

  15. Hi, my domain name has just expired. :(
    Can you pls advise how we can still get it back - I understand that there is a holding period. And also the above question on transfer of domain ownership, thank you!

  16. @macmanx
    I request the transfer of the domain mapping to my tandava108 account. I have also raised a support request in case you need that.

  17. esbellasg, we don't have any control over the grace period, but you should have 7 to 14 days to renew it through the Dashboard.

    chrisqq, I have transferred the domain mapping subscription to tandava108 as requested.

  18. @macmanx
    I have now set autorenew!

  19. You're welcome!

  20. I have this same problem, someone else paid the original domain mapping, please advise how I can resolve before my update expires on April 24th!!!

  21. @ultimatemegs
    i suggest you start a new thread as staff are unlikely to look at this one now that it is resolved

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