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My domain name

  1. Howdy. I have a series of questions per my domain name, which is registered somewhere.

    Where is it registered and what is the advantage to have it registered? May sound ignorant, as I know that no one can use my domain name since it is registered, but if I decide to store my blog or start up another blog can I use my domain name with the -- that is a fictious @ but just an illustration?

    I am wondering if this would be advantageous to having my site/log viewed by others who are not aware of my blog?

    What are the rules in the blogosphere to having ones domain name at another blog engine site thing?

    Time thief suggested that I could export my blog to say Blog Desk and have a back up of my blog at that site. What are you thoughts? Is that ethical, wise and prudent?

    Thanks again my friends for your patience as I learn.


  2. Hi there,
    I want to clarify something with you. I never said that you should export your blog to BlogDesk. That's not what it's for at all. I gave you a link to BlogDesk saying it is a free off-line Blog editor and you can do all your writing in it and publish directly from it to your wordpress blog.

    Moreover, your thread pertained to methods of backing up your blog. Using an off-line blog editor means you will always have a back-up copy of every post you publish through it to your blog.

    Hence, using an off-line blog editor (there are many others to choose from) has nothing whatsoever to do with ethics. If you want a back-up copy of every post you publish then use of an off-line blog editor is both a wise and prudent alternative.

    I hope this helps. :)

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