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My domain provider cannot find WordPress name servers

  1. Before three days I bought the WordPress site redirect and i follow all the procedures that you describe for entering new nameservers (, ns2 .. etc _) in my domain provider (Godaddy).

    After three days i cannot redirect my wordpress blog to my domain name GoDaddy inspection system gives a warning that cannot find any nameservers. Yesterday i have sent an email message to your support but i don't have an answer after 20 hours....

    Please help me

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please help me SOS !

  3. Nick, I checked your domain using a tool at and it doesn't look like the name servers are pointed properly with Go Daddy. Please check out this Go Daddy support article that shows how to set up a domain with

  4. Yes i follow the godaddy instructions and wordpress as well. But no hope ..

    The godaddy name servers field shows the three correct entries that i put


    In the DNS manager says not hosted here ...

  5. After checking your domain with the Network Solutions WHOIS tool, it looks like you do have the name servers pointed properly.

    What error is giving you when you try to add the domain?
    Here's a guide:

  6. There is no error message from wordpress . The domain already added before three days when i pay for the redirect . I can choose without problems my domain and change it again to wordpress without problems. But my domain address is null..
    I read somewhere yesterday about similar WP problems that the only solution was the admin to manually enter to WP name servers the domain name....

  7. Before three days I bought the WordPress site redirect

    I just checked the Domain Helper tool here at and it says you don't have the domain mapping upgrade. You need the domain mapping upgrade, not the domain redirect upgrade. Site redirect is for people who are moving their sites off of

  8. Thanks for your help

    I realize that i'm an idiot ....
    There is a way to refund my wrong choice and buy domain-mapping?

  9. There should be a place under "My Upgrades" in your Dashboard to request the refund, but I'll go ahead and tag this for Staff attention.

  10. thank you very much !


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