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My domain, registered with wordpress, was stolen

  1. Ok, hyper-technical question I need to crowd source. For years, I helped run the blog We had purchased a domain through That domain is So, about a month ago, BOTH urls go to some weird, inaccurate page (you can click on it) that is about a year old. I tried to get to help. They told me that the domain is not pointing to No shit! They must have looked it up on the who is database and found something called as being the name server. I looked up my precious on who is and saw it registered to some OTHER email and address in Georgia (USA). WTF?!?!?! Obviously I will go after more. But, in my dim understanding of the internets, it seems someone has hijacked my domain and is holding it ransom or something. Although no one has asked for money... ANY insights appreciated.

    AND, I have paypal receipts from paying for renewing the mapping of

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please email Staff at support @

  3. I'm sorry, but your domain expired on November 17 when you didn't renew it in time. The domain is now owned by someone else.

    You attempted to renew just the mapping portion of this back in January, and our system should now have allowed you to do that almost 3 months after expiration, so I have refunded those charges.

  4. Ok. I got it. Thank you. Do you know if there is anyway to retrieve it?


  5. Sorry, also, goes to I set the primary domain in the WP dashboard as radicalwriting. How can the, which I don't control, have "control" over a browser trying to go to a domain???


  6. OK, sorry, one more time, if I don't control, who do I see the following on the domain settings form my dashboard?

    Oh, I can't do an image...

    Well, anyway, it lists as a domain and that it expires in 2016. I don't understand.

  7. goes to itself and nothing else for me. Looks like this is fixed.

  8. is definitely going to

    You saw in your Dashboard because the system allowed you to renew just the domain mapping portion 3 months after the domain registration expired. This has been removed and refunded.

  9. In view of this and similar problems other users are having, perhaps WordPress could make it clearer that renewing domain mapping does not renew the domain. My wife nearly made the same mistake, as her .com domains are wordpress hosted but her domains are help by another registrar - she forgot this and thought that renewing domain mapping was all she had to do.

  10. Those were separate issues. In this case, the domain was actually registered and mapped here. For some reason, the system still allowed the user to renew the mapping 3 months after the registration expired here. The system should have removed the mapping record along with the domain, therefore providing nothing to renew.

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