My domain registration has expired and I can't see the Renew Button

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    I have this message for one of my domains:

    One or more of your domain subscriptions has expired. You can renew your domain subscriptions by clicking the “Renew” button in My Upgrades. If your domain registration has expired and you can’t see the “Renew” button in My Upgrades, you should contact support immediately.

    I have tried contacting support but nothing, all I get is links to support pages.
    On my upgrades pages the renew button says: ” Contact Support to renew this product” but that send me to a support forum.

    What can I do to renew my expired domain??
    Where is the support??

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello there,
    I will flag this thread for Staff attention. You may widh to read this > expired domains while waiting. Note that Staff need to have the URLs involved here so please post them.



    Specifically, which domain were you referring to?

    The only domain registration on your account was and this expired on January 10. That domain has fully expired and no one else purchased it since, so it can be re-purchased by adding it via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.

    The rest are just domain mapping subscriptions with the domains registered elsewhere.



    Thanks for the quick reply, the old domain was deleted from my account and I purchased and added the domain again.

    All fixed and working perfectly.


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