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My domain , WP DNS, cant buy blog

  1. IMPOSIBLE: just cant find the way to purchase a blog using my domian name...already changed the DNS, have godaddy. I follow the instructions, but point 2 is just not there! cant find the FORM in STORE to put the domain name!!!

  2. Can you give us the link to the instructions where "Point 2" is referenced?

  3. Jennifer THANKS so much...yes here it is

    Point 2 says : go to store in your BlogĀ“s dashboard (dont have a blog, just a WP account) I tried to get the free WP blog and then change but the problem is that my domain name is not available in

    Then the instructions say: enter the domain into the form...
    WHAT FORM????

    If store is the link below, under "Do More" column, then I go to a page where there is no "ADD DOMAIN" just Upgrades

    Already recieved a mail from Godaddy that the DNS are changed.

    So greatfull if you can give me a hand!

  4. I think that support doc assumes that you have signed up to create a site/blog, not just a username. :)

    In order to do domain mapping, you'll need a site to map it to. Start here and then carry on afterwards with the domain mapping.

  5. Jennifer ! THANKS that did it ! But know I have another problem...
    Trying to get through the credit card to purchase the maping (hole bundle $99) and after getting all the if and pressing on "purchase" It gets me to a page that says "are you sure you want to do this" BUT THERES NO BUTTON to accept, just the TXT.
    Im using google chrome so I dont think thats a problem. I just purchased yesterday in goddady so the credit card is good.

  6. Sometimes logging out, clearing out your browser cache and cookies and then shutting down your browser can help clear up such problems.

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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