My drafts dissappeared !

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    I used to have lots of drafts which I saved on Windows Live Writer and send them to WP,. but I cannot see them on WP although some are still there on Win Live Writer

    The blog I need help with is


    Unfortunately MS did not include your drafts in the files that wordpress migrates over and at least for now, after you have migrated, the drafts are unavailable. From what I understand, wordpress is discussing this with Microsoft and hopefully there will be some way to either make those available to you at spaces so that you can copy them out, or perhaps a way to import them separately.

    I’ll mark this thread for staff attention and hopefully they can give an update on this issue.



    Windows Live Writer or Windows Live Spaces?

    Your drafts for Windows Live Writer should be on your PC disk drive.

    The Windows Live Spaces has the Draft migration problem @thessacredpath noted.


    Ah, the drafts on WLW will not be sent to wordpress till you actually publish them from WLW. At least that has always been my experience.

    I need more coffee.



    We can get you access to your drafts, but it takes a few days for us to coordinate with Microsoft. Please contact us:

    Restate the problem you are having and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.



    Who will be informed, when it is possible to transfer any drafts vom MS Spaces to WordPress?

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