My email address is already being used?

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    I have two different blogs on WordPress and I’m trying to condense them both down to the same email address. However, when I try to change my email address under the Users tab to the address I currently use, a red box appears at the top of the page, saying “ERROR: That e-mail address is already being used. ERROR: The e-mail address is already used.”

    It isn’t being used on either of my blogs and it’s definitely my email address. Why is it doing this?

    The blog I need help with is



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    We can only allow one account per email address. Try logging out, then use the Forgot Password link at with your desired email address.

    If you have an account here under that email address, you’ll get an opportunity to reset the password and gain access.

    You can then move your blogs under that account following this guide:

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