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My email no longer works !

  1. tenerifedogs50

    I just realised today my email does not work any more ! - I transferred my domain name to a wordpress site last week.

    Please someone help tell me what to do I need the email address to work !
    email [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please I need help as soon as possible I am in the middle of working on a project . i can't just use a hotmail address.


  3. Depending on who you have your email hosted with the instructions are a bit different. The guide below should get you started

  4. Thanks auxclass

    My hosting is with easyspace can anyone tell me the setting please ?

  5. You need to get the settings from your email host -

    then you need to translate them a bit usually to match the format required here and enter the settings using the guides at the link I gave you above

  6. I have tried putting the setting in for my email address but it doesn't work.

    I can 't ask easyspace for the setting as none of my three email addresses that I moved with my domain to wordpress now work, so I am unable to contact easyspace.

    So if someone knows the setting for easyspace email please post.

    I have three domains that I moved to wordpress and will need to change all of the emails


  7. Many places have some sort of a help forum - it all else fails get a gmail address to contact your email host if they don't have some sort of an open forum

  8. There is no forum on easyspace and yes i did think of sending them an email via a hotmail account but the support panel is not sent up to put in an alternative email address.

    I just don't know what to do now, I hope that wordpress can help me out !

  9. Can someone help me out here. I am stuck, can someone maybe suggest some settings I could try ?

    I am getting desperate. I use one of the emails for a dog rescue shelter website.

  10. Will I have to change my nameservers again to get my emails to work again. Which will mean my site with wordpress will not work.

    I cannot get through to easyspace to ask for their settings for wordpress email custom DNS Records.

    As easyspace support does not allow you to put in an alternative email address. I have no way of contacting easyspace ! except by phone and that will be difficult for them to explain the setting over the phone.

    Please someone help me out here.

    An example of an alternative setting for me to try maybe


  11. I have just managed to send an email to easyspace so I hope to get an answer about the setting.

  12. Hi Nikki,

    Have you been able to solve this issue? Let me know if you need additional help.

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