My embedded videos don't count as views on youtube

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    I have started a blog, about six months ago, where I display some of my work. Among those are three videos I uploaded on Youtube, and embbeded on the blog.

    For some reason, playing those videos on the blog does not increase the number of views displayed for the video on I have tried playing the video on the blog, and then checked the number of views on It hadn’t changed.

    I did a search online on the support forums of and youtube, to no avail so far. A few hypothesis I gathered that were all disproved were that :
    1- Visitors of my blog don’t play the video => I have no way to know if they do click the videos or not, but I have tried playing the embedded videos myself, while connected to wordpress, and while disconnected, and the number of views did not change. Playing the video on the blog definitely does not change the number of views.
    2- Videos set to autoplay do not count as views on youtube => The videos on my blog are not set to autoplay, so that cannot be the problem.
    3- After 300 views, youtube videos do not update the view count “in real time” => I’m not sure exactly what that means, but the number of views for my videos hasn’t even reached 100 yet (due in part to that problem I’m writing this mail about), so I’m not concerned by that point.

    So do embedded videos on actually count as views on, and if they are supposed to, what can I do to fix the problem ? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Embedded videos should count as views on YouTube, as we are just inserting the URL into the blog post or page so that they will display there rather than redirect to the YouTube page. In other words, we are not storing a copy of the video on, so anyone who views the video will be viewing it “on” YouTube.

    If viewing them does not increase your YouTube views, that sounds like an issue for YouTube, because it is very common for sites other than (think Facebook, Upworthy, etc.) to embed videos, which significantly helps to increase traffic to the videos themselves.

    It could also be that like, YouTube’s visitor stats do not update in real time, so visits on one day may not be reflected until later in the day or the next day.



    I don’t think it’s a case of real time updating. I’ve been trying for a week already, and I still don’t see any change. I did go to a youtube support forum, but haven’t got any serious lead yet. I guess I should try contacting some youtube staff if that’s possible, because I’ve been meaning to, but I still don’t really know how that’s done (without mailing to an automatic mailbox or something).

    Thanks for your help, this is probably the most complete answer I’ve had for a week, even if it doesn’t directly solve the problem.



    If you find out anything useful or interesting, I’d appreciate it if you’d keep me posted.



    I’l try, but it won’t be easy. As I suspected, actually contacting youtube when you’re an average user seems about as complicated as getting an appointment with the President when you’re a homeless drunk.

    Seriously, there is no support mail. Well, there is a support mail address, and I tried sending a mail there, but I recieve an automated response telling me to go to the support page (the kind of page with a sort of FAQ that never has the answer to the problem you have) or fill out a form. A form that doesn’t actually exist. All I can find (with a google search, not by actually reading the support page) is a “contact us” segment with a phone number and a physical mail address in my country. Yeah. After some quick search, it seems the phone service is pretty much designed to rebuff you unless you have legal problems or are an important person or entity, which is far from my case. This is absurd beyond measure.

    I’ll definitely post back if I find anything on the matter, but I have a feeling it really, really won’t come easy, be it the dreaded phone support or the physical mail.



    Ah no, my bad, the address and phone numbers are in the US. I have to call/send a letter abroad to, maybe, get some help. Well, I’m not spending that much money for a minor problem like that, so i’ll have to find another way.

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