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My entries have disappeared!

  1. My entries are still in my dashboard, but I only get an error page whenever I try to view them and now my site is blank! I need to know how to get all of my entries back on my site and I would also like to know what happened so that I can avoid this in the future.

  2. Northwoods

    Is your blog hosted at Looking at the blog I would guess not. In this case you need to be over at as we can't help you here.


  3. The account says they've been here for two weeks...

  4. Fair enough. I (probably mistakenly) assumed that as the OP was still showing the default post and comment that they were hosted elsewhere.

    If it is here then there's information we're missing. Maybe imported posts? Northwoods - we need to know where the blog is so we can help you. :)

  5. Thank you so much for trying to help. The blog is hosted at The last entry that I posted was a video from youtube. Next time I went to check the blog it was as if nothing was ever posted. Again, it's all in my dashboard, but none of the links from the post to the actual page work.
    Thanks so much!

  6. Have you cleared out your browser cache and reloaded the page? Maybe you're looking at a version of the blog from before you added anything.

    I see the blog and the John Denver video just fine, btw.

  7. Mysteriously all my entries have reappeared except for the ones that I put on earlier today. I put the John Denver video on as a test. I am thankful that I got back all of my other entries. I am thinking that it may be because I was assigned two blogs with the exact same name and there may be a conflict. I'm afraid if I delete one I might loose them both since they have the same name, but I would like to avoid any further conflicts. Any advice?

  8. Yes, send a Feedback immediately; there's no way you should have two blogs with the same name. Staff will have to sort this out.

  9. Deleting is not the way to go as that deletes your data as well and there's no way to get the name back.

  10. Today my blog is defferent yet again! Only a couple of entries are showing when I view the site...this is getting to be old! I will definately send feedback. Thanks for trying!

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