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My Favorite Blogger...Gone!

  1. antispamdinista

    I really looked forward to the blogs from The Memory Artist, and now I cannot read them except through Google search when I click on "cached". Was this blogger deleted? Why? Who on earth would want to silence this person in the first place?

  2. Blogs can be deleted in two ways:
    (1) the blogger can delete his or her own blog;
    (2) the blogger can breach advertising policy or the Terms of Service and be asked by staff to make a change that rectifies this breach of policy or contract but, the blogger does not comply so staff have no alternative but to suspend the blog

    Setting that aside this matter is a private matter between the blogger in question and staff. Staff have made it abundantly clear that
    (1) volunteers are NOT the correct parties to discuss such matters with;
    (2) and that the support forums are NOT the correct place to discuss specific deletions or suspensions.

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