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    Coke adds life ad slogan translated into Mandarin came out as:

    Coca-Cola brings your ancestors back from the dead.

    The blog I need help with is



    oh, so this is the purpose of this forum. lol, I’ve been tempted not to comment and wait til someone else does.

    I love Coca-cola it definitely ads life, in by which I mean produces more fat cells.


    Coke adds pounds, more like it.

    Another famous coke advertisement gaffe was the translation of Coca-cola into Chinese characters…somehow it came out as: Bite the wax tadpole. At least that’s what I’ve heard, and am too lazy to check out



    brings your ancestors back from the dead.
    hee haw !!

    I was under the impression that WordPress had software the automatically translated your entire blog. That’s why I chose WordPress’ INOVE theme because it was touted as “translation ready.”

    So, what in tarnation does “translation ready” mean?


    What in tarnation does tarnation mean? Does it translate?


    @giantword, “translation ready” means that that theme’s strings are loaded on and that you can translate them into other languages. And WordPress has no automatic translation capabilities, btw.



    I used the search utility and found a work around for the Google translation widget that you may be interested in

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