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    “I’m missing my inaccurate feed stats blues” …

    Hhmmm, at the very least, that sounds like enough material for a blog post to me. At the most, you may be able to work it up into a whiny country and western tune.



    feartheseeds, you’re preaching to the choir. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and let staff know how you feel.

    Mark would love to hear from you. :)



    Yeah, there’s a hole in my dashboard… there used to be a service provided now there isn’t.

    “We do not discuss policy on the forum.”

    Maybe WP should start so the little people, you know — those of us who use the service — can have an idea as to what’s going on. When a company stops providing a service it’s customers consider important enough to use said company (which contantly tells us how important coustomer service and input is) might consider giving us some notice.

    “…what’s crap is volunteers having to deal…”
    No… what’s crap is being given gardening tips instead of information.


    I gave Mark my opinion and he told me to sign up with Feedburner and get my stats from them.



    Maybe WP should start so the little people, you know

    That’s WE as in we the volenteers here in the forums. We don’t discuss policy as none of us here have any offical status. We as in the volenteers don’t discuss policy because it doesn’t matter as whatever we say as it’s not offical and has just caused a lot of problems for us the volenteers trying to help folks in the past.

    If staff wants to step forward and discuss policy here in teh forums, they’re free to do so. Hasn’t happened yet though.

    feartheseeds, you need to be discussing this directly to staff. (Which I think is mentioned up above) WE the volenteers here in teh forums can’t help you and all you’re doing is causing more work for us volenteers trying to help folks. It’s out of our hands.



    Re: preaching to the choir – AMEN
    Re: emotional dumping on Volunteers, who have no input into policy and no prior notice when policy changes are made. IMO this is a definite “no no”. Mature people do not affect such behaviours. Moreover, it isn’t wise as the reputation you build here in the forum will follow you throughout the wordpress community.



    Okay, so I post (Sunday night) on the last-ever episode of “The Sopranos” and check Feed Stats, watch it climb, again see the message “This is beta, tell us what you think” –consider sending a Thank You note, realize there’s no time, have to get ready for movers. By the time relevant things are moved/fixed/sorted/plugged in/on-line: Feed Stats –Fini.

    Since my Feed stats were climbing, tripled lately: oh yuck. I read the Notice, most of the Posts, threads about The End. (Since the Notice Comment section seems to be closed, for the record: I LUVED the Feed Stats; not clear on Reason for shutting it down–Google/AdSense conflict???–also luved the ‘price’ of it; if WP reverts to one template, no widgets, dodads, I’m not paying, doing the maintenance, paying the bills, doing the worrying, so…I don’t have a say, a right to crab, do miss FS, not complaining.)

    What I haven’t seen, don’t know, would like opinion/advice: I’m thinking of posting
    ‘notice: this blog will disconnect the RSS feed, pop in directly to read new posts as of ______date’


    As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything else allowed, that can give info on RSS feed readers –no substitution –right? Thanks for any/all info.

    d a V i n e R e m e d y



    I’m thinking of posting
    ‘notice: this blog will disconnect the RSS feed, pop in directly to read new posts as of ______date’ Thoughts?

    I wouldn’t recommend posting such a notice. The rss feeds on your blog still exist and can still be used by your readers. From what I can tell what has been discontinued is utilization of wp press programming that attempted to separate out how many readers were with Blogines, Feedburner, NetVibes, Google Reader, etc. and present those totals to us as stats.

    If keeping track of this is important to you then Feedburner may be an alternative for you to examine



    Okay, I’m confused…. You mean: the Lump/Total number of readers Using RSS can still be known by blog writers, we only can’t know from whence they come??? Where do I find that Total? (And: kewl!)



    I don’t think at the moment we get a total feed reader number; we get nothing unless we direct all our feed readers through Feedburner.

    What Timethief is saying is that your feed readers would read that notice from you and write you off. Direct them to Feedburner instead and you’ll get stats for them. But you will lose some if you ask them to change; that’s just human nature. For me, it’s more important to facilitate people reading the blog than me measuring them. I would like the feed total graph to be reinstated, maybeon the main blog stat page, but I don’t miss the breakdown; it was useless.



    Exactly — raincoaster said what I was trying to convey better than I said it, for sure. People are at odds with change and spooking readers is not a wise thing to do.



    Ah, I get it, now. Thanks to both for reply. Okay, your replies make me glad I asked, before posting that.

    If I understand correctly, there are a few different subjects:
    ~RSS feed: NOT disconnected –from MY blog; just MY Ability to SEE that my blog is being read
    people are (saying in these threads, Notice Comments) indifferent to Distinction/don’t care –WHERE readers came from –the “feedster” “technorati” etc. breakdown, but still want the GRAPH of readers? (–If so: I agree; still don’t get: why care)
    ~If I Post:
    ‘come to my blog, to read’ they will say ‘Nope’ –disconnect feed, won’t read blog
    –‘people hate change’
    (Tellmeaboutit! Took :45 to assemble the PARTS to make some thing for dinner –can’t find a thing now, HATE IT!)
    we are allowed to add/it can tell me if anyone is reading my blog
    Well…I don’t like asking the obvious, but “Feedburner” says: it just got bot by Google, I can make money with it/add ads.
    That tells me it’s got java, no?
    WP doesn’t have a prob using a java-base code –now?
    Just don’t add advertising? –Or, in the five days I’ve been off-line moving, the rules changed –ads are allowed on WP dot com blogs???
    (I’ll keep munching, watch for reply.) Thanks,




    Yes to all the above except the javascript part and the ads part. I don’t know how feedburner works exactly, I think it takes your feed from the site and runs it through its own computers and sends it out again, and it can track who reads the feeds that way. So the functionality is on the Feedburner servers, not ours.

    If Feedburner lets you put ads on your feed, I don’t see that would have the right to say boo about it. But why bother? Ads aren’t currently allowed on blogs, but there are rumours all over about it.



    I have been checking the WP stats for a while now and they were never that accurate to start with but at least they were an indication of numbers of readers. To remove the feed stats just like that is irresponsible. I have tried several hit counters and they all appear to wrong to various degrees. To prove it sign up for 3 or 4 different hit counters and put them on a single blog. After a week compare the stats. They should all be the same. Betcha they aren’t.



    Best bet would be send in a feedback and tell staff this. We can’t help you here in the forums as none of us have any access to teh backend nor any offical status.

    Folks, bitching about the removal of the feed stats here in the forums isn’t going to solve anything, isn’t going to bring them back and just causes problems and more work for the volenteers here in the forums trying to help folks.

    Feedback to staff is what you need to do.

    Please end of dicussion.



    Bad, bad decision, announced with a lot of insincere regret stuff that doesn’t make sense. Bring back.



    What does the post right above yours tell you to do?

    (Thanks for completely ignoring my request by the way)



    Not sure if it’s a moderator’s job to tell members to stop talking about something. If you insist on not reading my damning entry on WordPress rubbish statistics then please don’t read this: [Link removed per staff’s instructions – drmike]



    @testcrunch, while I agree with you on the stats issue, links to posts like that as it’s against the ToS due to “tricks driving traffic.” (That’s per staff by the way and has been done in the past)

    And yes, it is my job to keep order in the forums. Folks have been directed on how to respond to this issue. That’s via feedback. By posting here, all you;re doing is wasting the time of those volenteers who are trying to help folks.

    As an aside, you may want to change the link within your forum profile as it’s still pointing to your old blog here and not your new one. It’s the View your profile link at teh top right of hte forum page here.



    As drmike says, direct any requests for this coming back to the staff through a feedback from your admin, the ‘support’ tab in these forums or an email to support at as this was a policy change and nothing we do or say here can change that.



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