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My film review blog

  1. Hello, guys :)

    So I am only starting out, I have published my first entry yesterday.

    In my blog, I want to post film reviews written for my own pleasure. Unlike some reviewers (I have no particular person in my mind), I do not think that simply retelling the plot is a proper review. So my focus is analyzing films from a more analytic perspective and encoding their hidden 'message'.

    No Hollywood movies (maybe occasionally)! Only classic, artistic,independent cinema from all over the world.

    So, if anyone is interested in the topic, check it out. It would be great if you could recommend me some other similar film review blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Film Dabbler,

    I like your writing style and the format of the blog is a bit plain but easy to navigate. After reading your review of Waltz with Bashir I'd definitely like to make that an addition to my must see list. Typically viewers do like to see at least some sort of rating or evaluative opinion though, so I might consider if nothing else some sort of "in summation" paragraph at the end. Anyways I'm no expert but if you want you can check out the blog I just started last week, I definitely focus on more mainstream hollywood movies than you prefer but I'd love some feedback on my writing :)

  3. I've checked out both your blogs, very nice. Agree with you Film Dabbler about people having a tendency to re-create the whole movie by text and calling it a review. I review the more dark side of films on my blog, (please fell free to check it out-you did ask for other blogs!) but as a lover of all things cinema its nice to see some very different films and ill be checking some of the ones you both reviewed out very soon. Following you both now :)

  4. Like you, I recently started a movie review blog, however mine focuses solely on Hollywood movies!
    I'll check yours out.

  5. Thanks, I'll check yours out next chance I get :) Also once I get the kinks worked out in my blog I'm going to start up a "featured blog" section where I list other review blogs I've enjoyed reading. Once I start that up I'll let you know and I'll try to feature you at some point, woot woot for cross promotion!

  6. Im all for cross promotion, I'll add you too my blogroll if thats cool :)

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