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my flickr badge on side bar?

  1. I was wondering is there away to add the flickr badge on my blog sidebar?

  2. Not at present, I'm afraid.

  3. Actually it appears you can add a link that contains a picture. Of course the link would have to be hosted off site though it appears.


  4. If you don't mind the pictures small you can use the thumbnail when you load a picture to a post in wordpress. Do a "Browse all" on the images part of a new post. Right click then click on properties. Mark and copy the URL address and use this on your link.


  5. Yea, I was just thinking that as well. If you upload the picture the real size that you want it, you could just link to the actual uploaded picture and not the thumbnail.


  6. For more information on how the Links panel works, and how to add images to your links, along with other features, see Links Manager in the WordPress Codex.

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