my flickr widget doesn’t work anymore- why?

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    I am stuck. I happily installed the flickr widget on my wordpress-hosted blog and it worked for a while. Now it doesn’t work anymore. It just has a link in a box that goes back to my own wordpress blog. I tried repasting the RSS feed link from my flickr account. Any ideas aboout what I might be doing wrong?



    Appears to be working fine for me. Probably a temporary glitch with the flickr servers – if the widget doesn’t receive any data it’ll output nothing.

    Let us know if you have any more problems,



    I have the same problem



    You guys wouldn’t happen to be using newly-updated Firefox would you? I’m getting a bunch of weird errors since downloading the newest version.

    There are also some image-not-showing problems popping up from time to time. Those need to be reported to Staff.

    And please, when you ask for help, leave a link to your blog or link your username to your blog. Otherwise we just have to make wild guesses. It saves everybody time if we can make one click and check it out.

    Watershed, I see what you mean. I’m wondering if it’s something on the Flickr end of things…have you asked in their forums?


    Same issue here for Flickr feed – badge or zetgeist code added in the text widget as HTML.
    Flickr forums say its a coding issue WP side, but can not provide deeper details.



    Have you shared this information with staff?

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