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My followers get candy crush saga spam

  1. Just got a mail from a friend who says when he click on the link in the subscription email on his iphone he ends up in appstore and gets recommended to download candy crush saga. and when i click on the link on my iphone the same thing happens to me.

    what to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. henriktornberg

    Same thing happens in most of my posts on when I click the posts. Only on iOS.
    Browser gets redirected to which opens App Store.

    I've checked contents of posts and no code there.

    This feels like WordPress has been hacked.

  3. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  4. henriktornberg

    My friend has the same problem on my blog on his iPhone so it's not my phone specifically
    Also checked my other blog and same there

  5. henriktornberg

  6. This has happened to my blog as well, the problem started some time on saturday the 20th.

    It happens only when one clicks on links to my site posted on Facebook, but it happens both on Android and IOS devices.

    I have tried to reset my Iphone, delete all apps (WordPress, Facebook etc) and reinstall, as well as changing all passwords, delete browser history in Safari, but nothing helps unless I block pop ups (and then blocking the actual link at the same time...)

    Very eager to see a solution to this.

  7. It's about a week that, when I and other friends open my posts from the mail received (using the link in the mail), we are redirected to an unknown site about soccer (
    I am, obviously, loosing lot of readers.
    What can we do?
    Thank you for your attention, Patrizia (

  8. Sorry for the trouble, we're looking into this!

  9. Thank you :)

  10. leanhaulagebygreaterthan

    We are having the same issue! When clicking on a post from WordPress in Facebook you get redirected to download Candy Crush! It's quite annoying ...

    Please solve this asap!

  11. jschultzdanmark

    I have the same problem.

    A search on the internet will give tons of reports on adtrack.king.kom and Candy Crush, so a lot of sites and an awful lot of people are having this problem.

    Hope you get to the bottom of it!

  12. Some of my readers are having the same issue.

  13. This is all fixed up now, sorry again for the trouble!

  14. henriktornberg

    Was hacked?

  15. No, one of our ad networks had a glitch in their code. The ads were essentially being automatically clicked on page load for mobile viewers.

    We have shut down that ad network for now.

  16. henriktornberg

    Thanks so much for clarifying that

  17. You're welcome!

  18. Please AMcmanx can u tellme what ad networks is? i´m having this trouble too and try different platforms and still have the same issue!

  19. Which blog are you having trouble with, and would you please describe the trouble?

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