My font for all posts changed

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    Member – my font changed all of a sudden for all previous posts. Changed from default to times new roman and I can’t change it back to default, tried everything. I posted a new post and it turned out fine but the rest aren’t and it looks akward to read. Pls help.



    I can’t look at your site right now but I would guess that you have either:

    1. Used a font tag in an older post (look at the last one that’s affected) and not closed it properly.


    2. You are copying and pasting from MS Word – Doesn’t play nice with WordPress.

    I would have a look at number 1. If you haven’t closed a font tag then it will affect everything that comes below it on the page.

    By the way, there’s no www. in the url. the correct URL for your blog is – this can affect some users who’s ISP cannot distinguish the requirement for not having the www in the url.


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