My fonts in the blog and editor become super big!!!

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    Suddenly, I see my fonts all become BIG, and it’s for every previous posting as well!!! All so big!!!
    Is there a server issue???
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m currently having issues too with formatting text on a page. Something weird is going on…


    This appears to be a WordPress issue. All formatting tags are removed form all my published posts, too.



    Issues here as well since last night (and still present this morning) with half the text now in bold and links that were previously working, now not linked at all. Did WordPress start new program that tweaked formats? All my sidebars are now at the bottom of the blog. I am using Ocean Mist layout….did something change or is this a problem WP is aware of and working on??



    @eliteblogadmin & sjsartidea
    If this problem is still in evidence that please file a support ticket with Staff. Also when posting to this forum please always post the complete URL starting with http:// for the specific blog in question.

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