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my galleries are a mess in Firefox and Explorer

  1. i made a nice photoblog with pictures and galleries, and only now i notice that while everything looks fine in Chrome, Firefox and Explorer seem to heap up the pictures on the left side, so that the wrong caption appears and the photos are doubled and dull.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looking at this page in IE9 and in Firefox 15, everything looks OK. It seems to me that there are too many columns to fit your thumbnails comfortably (on that page). Perhaps reduce it to 6 rather than 7.

    If you are referring to a specific page where you see the behavior you describe in your original post here, please give us a direct link starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  3. Thanks for your answer Jennifer, you got the right page. But it is when I click a thumbnail, that the photos are displayed all wrong. The resulting slideshow of the gallery is a mess, not the page with the thumbnails. yes, perhaps I's also better lower the number of displayed thumbnails in a row, but that's not the problem here. could you check again, please?

  4. I've just gone through the Image Carousel using both browsers (IE9 and FF15) and again everything looks good to me.

    First of all, what browser are you using?

    If IE9, make sure it is not in compatibility mode, which makes it act like IE7 and creates all kinds of problems in the Image Carousel.

    Next, try logging out of, clearing your browser cache and cookies and shutting down your browser. Then open and return to your site.

    Other browser troubleshooting tips can be found here

  5. Thanks, Jennifer! In the meanwhile I came to the same conclusion, because of your first answer, so the problem seems solved. wish everything was so simple in life. Best wishes,


  6. You're most welcome and much success for your site.

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