my gallery images won't show as they should

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    when previewing my post with images, the gallery thumbnails are coming up with a grey box behind them and will not align to look as they do on the ‘Ideation & Intent’ preview/homepage.. Can you please advise? I can’t see what else to do.

    Also, do new ‘Pages’ appear at the top of the blog alongside ‘Home’ and ‘About’ (on Ideation & Intent)? If not, how can I create new tabs here?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is definitely something going on in this post where there are only 5 images in the Post, but for some reason there are additional blank thumbnails showing up in the sidebar.

    I’ll tag this for Staff assistance; please be patient while they get back to you.

    Also, how are you inserting the single image in each post? Do you insert each individually and set the alignment to Left or None? Some of the images seem to be too large for the accompanying text and thereby knocking the Gallery below it out of alignment. (example) Perhaps you could try with a smaller image or by resizing the inserted image to see if that corrects the alignment for you.

    The Gallery in your theme does have a colored background by default. See this post in the demo site for comparison.

    Unless you are using a Custom Menu, all published Parent Pages should appear in the theme’s Navbar automatically. See here for more info on Custom Menus:



    Hi there!

    I did notice an issue on the post @justjennifer mentioned, which should be resolved now — the left-aligned image will no longer interfere with the gallery below it.

    I’m not seeing blank thumbnails in the sidebar, however. Can you be more specific about the issues you’re encountering? Providing a screenshot would be especially helpful, too. Thanks!



    Hi Caroline-thanks for the quick response and action.

    Here’s a screenshot taken in Chrome 23 showing the blank thumbnails in the sidebar. To make extra sure, I also refreshed following your update to those posts.



    Ahh, thanks for the clarification @justjennifer, I see it now. :) I’ll take a look at this!



    I took a look at this issue tonight and was able to fix your site. Please let us know if it looks OK to you.

    It looks like – at one point – you had a total of 8 images uploaded to the “Large Indian Paisley…” post and you deleted 3 of them. I was wondering if you remembered which method you used to delete them. No worries if you do not, but if you do it could help us track down the root of this problem.


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