My general options got reset…

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    I’ve already sent this through “feedback” but since I never got an answer with my previous reports through it, I’m reporting this here again.

    Yesterday I posted something and this morning I saw that my post has been crawled by a meta-site on the name of “My Weblog”. This was very weird so I looked at the general settings of my blog and everything there had been reset to the default state(where all the fields were set to the value when you first create a new blog). Can anyone let me know what’s happened? Can this be assured that it didn’t affect any other settings or post?



    I haven’t heard of anything like this happening before. Might you possibly have been looking at a cached version of your Dashboard? A simple webcrawler can’t reset your options, no way, but we have had occasions where certain settings have reverted to default, like the visual editor. Why not make a test post and see how it turns out, then ditch it after you’ve made note of which things did change. Also, send a feedback to staff once you know what got switched. If they were tinkering and accidentally reset things for you, they probably reset them for a lot of people and will want to un-reset them.



    Try sending in a feedback again and explain in detail exactly what happened.

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