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My gigya embeds... all gone.. terrible!! ...without any warning

  1. hi there,

    I´ve been working a lot to do things as I dream. and using "gigya" I could do a lot of things.
    yesterday I finally got to look everything as I wanted, but right now


    everything with gigya has just disappeared!

    ...this is a catastrophe.

    why wordpress??
    do you do things like this, knowing so many of us are using this code in our blogs?

    you could at least have told us a week before: "hello, within a week all your gigya codes will stop working..."
    it would have been kind. so we would have done something before the crash.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ...sorry, I read in a recent post that it seems there´s been a problem with gigya.

    I appologice... ;(

  3. putignanonelmirino

    hurray ! hurray! hurray !

    works again !

    thanks! thanks! thanks !

  4. Hi There!

    Please refer to this thread where you will find staffs response

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