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My Goodreads Widget Just Stopped Working

  1. Can anyone provide any help? I know it is set up correctly because it was working for months until today. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it with no luck. It is simply blank. I have a book on the shelf that it is looking at, but it says "no books in this shelf yet." The other topics on this subject seem to deal with getting it to work in the first place, not with it stopping working (except one, which has no helpful answer).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Identical problem here. It's been going blank intermittently for several days, and now today just isn't working at all. I finally disabled the Goodreads widget altogether. Really bums me out. It was a terrific widget while it worked. Would love to know what's going on and if it will be fixed.

  3. Have you folks checked at Goodreads support to see if this is a known issue there?

  4. Please check out Goodreads support and I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  5. Yes. At least, I didn't find any information about it on their support site.

  6. I'm experiencing exactly the same thing. I've had the goodreads widget on my website for the past year, and today it stopped working. I also couldn't find any information on the goodreads support site. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. I'm sorry that we Volunteers have no support to provide other than pointing to the support documentation here > and tagging this thread for Staff help which I did previously.

  8. I have the same problem. It worked perfectly when i just got the widget but now, no books are listed. I contacted goodreads and they told me that I need to ask wordpress... I really hope we can get some help soon. the widget was great.

  9. Of course you will get support and that will happen after Staff address every thread that was tagged for their help prior to this one being tagged. They work forward as would be expected from the threads with the earliest date stamps and time stamps to the most recent threads. As there is a considerable backlog so I do not recommend holding your breath. I recommend subscribing to the thread so you are notified when they respond, and getting on with the other aspects of blogging while waiting.

  10. For what it's worth, I was able to fiddle a bit with the "custom widget" code that Goodreads offers on their website (most of their offered widgets expressly DON'T work with WordPress blogs) and now have a rudimentary Goodreads display on my blog at if anyone wants to check it out. It's definitely not what I'd prefer. It's evident, however, that WordPress's own Goodreads widget isn't currently working for anyone. I found several examples around the Web of similarly blank WordPress Goodreads widgets not displaying on blogs.

  11. my goodreads widget just stopped working after working fine for months.

    please help, thanks!

    the blog in question is

  12. Coffee spew, I looked at your site, and it looks better than nothing, but I have an us customized site (I.e., free), and I haven't figured out a way to insert code. Is there away to do that with a free site, or do I have to upgrade?

  13. I meant uncustomized. Sorry.

  14. Hi, whatmeread. Not sure what's available to you. I inserted the code (some of which I had to strip out) into a text box ("arbitrary text or HTML") that I formatted from my WordPress widget page (same page that the WordPress Goodreads widget is found).

  15. Hi all - Thanks for the report. The widget doesn't appear to be working, so I've reported this to our developers and I will keep you all posted.

  16. :( Not working on my blog either.

  17. Hi, coffeespew, I DID find that option. Any way you could share your code or tell is which widget you used and what you stripped out?

  18. Hi, whatmread. You can customize the first Goodreads widget option on your Goodreads widget page. (It allows you to determine how many books you want displayed, from what bookshelf, whether you want your ratings or reviews to display.) After customizing, the widget should have the code in a box titled "Copy/paste this HTML into you Web site." That's the code I copied into a WordPress sidebar text box. However, there's a string of code that ends up displaying as naked code on your sidebar if it's not stripped out (it's the code that follows after the line "javascript include will override this if things work"). Here's what my final code looks like that I pasted into my WordPress sidebar text box (I have only one book showing, the most recent that I rated and reviewed):

    <!-- Show static HTML/CSS as a placeholder in case js is not enabled - javascript include will override this if things work -->

    <div id="gr_custom_widget_1380949277">
    <div class="gr_custom_container_1380949277">
    <h2 class="gr_custom_header_1380949277">

    <div class="gr_custom_each_container_1380949277">
    <div class="gr_custom_book_container_1380949277">
    <img alt="Europe Central" border="0" src="" />
    <div class="gr_custom_rating_1380949277">
    <img alt="5 of 5 stars" class=" staticStars" src="" title="5 of 5 stars, it was amazing" />
    <div class="gr_custom_title_1380949277">
    Europe Central
    <div class="gr_custom_author_1380949277">
    by William T. Vollmann
    <br style="clear:both;" />

    <img alt="" src="" style="border:0;" />



  19. Thanks, coffeespew!

  20. Not working on my blog either,
    Might try the custom HTML route.

  21. I just wish it worked the way it did. I don't want to play with html...

  22. Same problem here.

    Thanks for the code tip, Coffeespew, I will try that.

  23. Thanks again Coffeespew! The code works beautifully! It is much better than the GoodReads widget (more customisable, looks great), so I'll keep it this way and don't care about the widget any more.

  24. I too have employed Coffeespew's fix (fantastic!), but I noticed that when I add that text widget, none of the other widgets under it show on my page. So I have had to make the Goodreads text-widget the last one (and I would prefer it to be higher up!).

    Has anyone else also found this happening?

  25. Not working on my blog.

  26. Goodreads has gone blank on 6 of my blogs - I'm removing the widget.

  27. Follow up to Coffeespew's fix:

    it appears that the text widget does not update. I display my shelf "Read" and finished a book today and market it "Read" on Goodreads, but the book has not shown up in the widget. I also changed the ratings for a few book Yesterday, and the changes are not reflected in the widget - it still shows the old ratings:-(

    Does anyone else have this issue with the text widget suggested by Coffeespew? And importantly, have managed to fix it... how?

    I love that the text widget is so customisable compared to the real widget, but not if I have to re-copy-paste the code every time I update GoodReads...

  28. @ag1024 Yeah, what's the point of a widget if you always have to update it manually?

  29. Yeah, that seems to be what's happening to me, too. I tried clicking "automatically add paragraphs," but I'm not sure what that does. I am trying to share my Currently Reading shelf. If it doesn't update, I'll probably remove it.

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