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My Gravatar doesn't work at all!!

  1. I was trying to go to edit my gravatar and want to upload an image. I went directly to and upload my image. After I've upload my image and went through cropping, I see it appears next to my email on that page and the page said "Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for avatar changes to take effect", I was keep waiting for an hour or so, I try testing my gravatar on other forums and still, I cannot see any changes. So, I try other ways, I tried re-uploading my image, also tried reading the support page and have checked my gravatar. I am desperate, can anyone who knows what to do with this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I know there are things like:

    G or better

    PG or better

    R or better

    X or better

    I found that only "X or better" appears my image. And other only shows the gravatar logo. Is that a problem as well?

  3. It can take anywhere from an hour to over eight for gravatar changes to make their way through the wordpress system depending on server loads and such. Give it time and see if it does not show up by tomorrow.

  4. If your gravatar is considered "X" then it will not show up unless the settings on blogs are "X or better". You might have to change to a less risque gravatar.

  5. I've waited for over 3 days. I've uploaded my image 3 days before. But still cannot see it appears. I think it's because of these things: G or better,PG or better,R or better,X or better. It's strange that my image only appears on "X or better". That might be the issue..

  6. May I know how to change to a less risque gravatar? Can you guide me the steps?

  7. Again, if Gravatar thinks it is "X" rated, then that is the issue and it is unlikely to appear on very many places.

  8. Gravatar ratings are voluntary, set by the owner of the gravatar. Visit, log in, look at your gravatar(s). Hover over the gravatar and you'll see a button you can use to change its rating.

  9. Can I know in details about how can I change my ratings there in Can you show me steps by steps of how can I get through there and how do I edit the ratings? Do I go to my profile?

  10. thanks, it works. i just have to change the rating into 'G'.

  11. My gravatar works great on my blog site, but when I comment on someone else's it shows up as a design box?
    I have gone to manage account and made sure that my picture gravatar was associated with my emailaddress. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Wow, it my picture gravatar shows up at this site. Why will it not show up at sites where I make a comment?

  13. @presidiosue, when you make a gravatar change, it takes a while for it to work through the wordpress servers. Your change will show up here in the forums first. Just give it a little time and it will show up on posts.

  14. That should have been " will show up on comments."

  15. I've been waiting for over 6 hours for my gravatar to change and still nothing!

  16. i am also trying to get my gravatar to appear. nothing. have tried both through wordpress and nothing...

  17. I can't even figure out how to upload an avatar. :(

  18. The one thing people have to remember is that when you are logged in and commenting on blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM, then your gavatars will show on your comments as long as the blog you are commenting on is set to show gravatars. People can if they wish turn that feature off under settings > discussion.

    Also, there are two types of wordpress blogs. Those that are hosted here at wordpress.COM, and those that are self-hosted on third party web hosts using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG. Not all self-hosted blogs are gravatar aware. It depends on what version of wordpress they are using, and also depends on whether the theme they are using is gravatar aware.

  19. @bobatyork: My Account > Edit Profile, or Users > Your Profile. Best upload an image that will need no cropping, i.e. 128x128 pixels.

    If you don't see the Gravatar option in your profile, or if it doesn't work, go directly here:

  20. @bobatyork, the best way is, while logged into, go to and upload your image there. It will take a while for it to migrate to all the wordpress servers, so be patient and it should show up in a few hours although sometimes depending on server loads it may take a little longer.

  21. Just testing to see if mine is working since I am having issues with gravatars...

  22. There is a sticky thread (yellow area at top) in the off topic forum for testing gravatars/avatars. Please use that one for testing.

  23. hiya.. I uploaded my avatar picture at yesterday after a few attempts to change my gravatar at profile have failed. Yesterday, my gravatar at profile didnt changed until just now but I am clueless what I had done to make it suddenly change. the problem is it still show the old gravatar on my blog page and at the comment as well. can you help me what to do to make the new gravatar appear?

  24. When you change a gravatar, the first place it will change is here in the forums. It will the start to filter through all of the wordpress servers and such.

    Be patient, if it has appeared here then it will change in the comments soon. One thing to do though is to clear your browser cache and force refresh the page every once in a while. IE (if you are using IE) is notorious for using cached files instead of requesting new ones.

  25. I changed my gravatar yesterday and rated it G, and so far my old avatar has gone and I have the random wordpress avatar instead; I know I have to wait but, usually how long do the G gravatar users have to wait for the new gravatar to appears?

  26. I changed my gravatar and it shows under my profile, but it shows a random wordpress avatar when I try to post in the forums

  27. The forums is the first place you will see the change. Wait a few hours and it should start showing in your profile and also in your comments.

  28. I allready upload am image for my gravatar, but it doesn't appear.
    What can I do?

  29. This sometimes happens, try doing some comment tests are posting in forums. This normally will help.

  30. I uploaded a new gravatar four days ago (after my last one mysteriously disappeared) and it still doesn't show up. Once, it appeared next to a comment I had written on my blog, but then it disappeared again. I've almost given up hope of it working at all.

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