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My Gravatar doesn't work at all!!

  1. Mine won't show up :(

  2. It looks just fine to me. As I said, don't test your Gravatar here; it's a thread for technical issues, not for testing whether or not you can see it. Ther'es a thread in Off Topic for testing your avatars.

  3. I'm having the same issues.

  4. What is it supposed to look like? Remember, we can't tell the difference between your old one and your new one.

    Also, where did you upload it, and what kind of file was it, and what (if any) fail message did you get when you tried?

  5. My gravitar isn't working I uploaded it days ago and it doesn't show up next to my posts. Help? I cleared the cache etc all that good stuff.

    Also, can you have multiple icons for various screennames? or do you have 1 image that is associated with your username/email? thanks for advising.

  6. While logged into wordpress, go directly to click on "my account" and then on "add an image" and upload your gravatar there. That is the best way.

    Gravatars are by "account". If you have more than one account, you can upload separate gravatars for each account.

  7. Did that.... still nothing.

  8. It can take up to several hours for the gravatar change to make it through all the datacenters and the servers. Give it 3 or 4 hours and see what happens.

  9. Right, but I did mine days ago and it didn't show up (I did what you had said to do) and it never showed up. In the past 3 days I have tried with a few different images, none have appeared.

  10. First off, make sure that the image is ONLY PNG, JPG or GIF.

    Second, make sure the file name has only letters and numbers in it - no special characters, and no uppercase.

    Third, make sure that the file is not too big dimension wise. For Gravatars, make sure it is right around 128px square. Do that before trying to upload it. Also, when the crop box comes up grab one of the handles, move it in a little then back out to where it was and then click the "crop" button.

  11. I have done exactly what you recomended and it is still not working. Also not working for my friend user Dolly922, we did exactly as you said. THoughts?

  12. Is there anything I can do? Can we just send you the pics and you upload them? i have tried everything

  13. @morgenna
    "Can we just send you the pics and you upload them? i have tried everything "

    No. Please understand that volunteers answering questions on this forum are your fellow blogggers. We do not have backend access to blogs.

  14. Well.. let's see. I have uploaded it like 4 or 5 times since a few days ago... IT DOESN'T WORK :S...
    I have eliminated the other pictures associated with my account... but nothing. But, a curios thing is that when I change the size of the Gravatar, IT WORKS! But, the other sizes do not work to my theme :(

    Is there something more I could do instead waiting?

  15. Don't re-upload the same image without changing the name. That will cause problems. Change the name, then re-upload.

    And give us some idea of the gravatar you're wanting to see and the one you DO see. Because we could well be seeing something completely different, and have no way of knowing if this is your new or your old one.

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