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My Gravatar in 2.7

  1. After 2.7 uploaded, under my profile the avatar picture was replaced by My Gravatar and as far as I can tell my avatar is gone. When I click on the My Gravatar image the site looks like it tries to open a pop up box, but fails to load every time. I never had a Gravatar as far as I know and I don't know why this happened. I did upload a Blog Avatar (forget the spiffy name), but I don't think that had anything to do with my avatar or gravatar.

    1. Did wordpress switch all users over to Gravatar in 2.7?

    2. I'v search support, FAQ, and the forums and I can't seem to find any relevant info on Gravatar. Am I missing something?


  2. Here you here's a article about Gravatar from the wordpress staff

    Official Blog Goes Gravatar Crazy

  3. OK thanks. I wonder why I couldn't find that article when searching.

    I did go to and changed my image and that seemed to do the trick. Although my avatar (as of right now) hasn't updated across wordpress yet.

  4. It takes time for the image to propagate through the servers.

  5. You couldn't find it (as I searched gravatar too) cuz there are so many names floating out there. Profile pic, blavatar, gravatar, favicon, etc. There's stuff in the forums under some of the names which I've mentioned. But you'd have no way of knowing that :)

  6. I also forgot to mention you can find the latest blog post
    by staff by going to the home page then click
    blog in the upper. right of your screen.

  7. I'm still having a problem with mine. I have done everything that they said and nothing works

  8. Yous see, a Mount Rushmore-like photo should be posting and the photos on my blog should be the same.

  9. @cmacivor,
    That's what I'm seeing. If you are not, it is most likely a caching problem with your browser.

  10. scamvictimsunited

    Mine have been missing for the past two days. :(

  11. There is a sticky, at the top, for those still having issues:

  12. I was having the exact same problem! I just followed the link and it worked just fine!

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