my Gravatar isn't showing on posts lately

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    I’ve made no changes to my public profile and my Gravatar image still shows up there but suddenly it has stopped showing up on my posts and I’ve noticed a little while ago that many have seemed to lose their Gravatars too on their posts.

    I’ve tried resaving it to my public profile but that didn’t seem to help. Is that anything that can be done? I don’t really have the image anymore so reloading it could be an issue but I imagine I could find it again if necessary.


    The blog I need help with is


    I can see it here. It will only appear on blogs that are equipped to display gravatars and only if the blogger chooses to enable their display. gravatar support link >


    P.S. I can also confirm that your gravatar is displaying in FF16.01, IE8 and Chrome 22 on your own blog.



    it shows here yes and it shows in other places on this website too but it doesn’t show on the posts I make in the venues I tag them such as “poetry” or where ever I tag them to be. Hope I’m getting the terminology correct for you to know what I mean.

    It used to show there but not it doesn’t. For example. I make a post and tag it to go in “poetry”. Then I go there to see it but my avatar doesn’t show beside it. It just has the WordPress “W”. It used to show my avatar and i haven’t made any changes at gravatar.

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