My gravatar won’t change

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    I decided to change my gravatar a few days ago and so I did. went to “edit profile”, deleted the existing photo, uploaded a new one and it changed, I can see it there at “edit profile”.
    But can’t see it anywhere else!!!Even though I deleted the previous photo, that’s still the one that shows up when I comment or reply on comment on blogs. The new photo is no where to be found even though I changed it a few days ago already so it had plenty of time to pass through servers or whatever it takes to change it everywhere.
    Also tried uploading it directly at and still nothing. I deleted all my previous photos from there and I only left the new photo I want, but still no new photo showing up.
    Please help…

    The blog I need help with is


    and I just noticed that right here it shows the new photo. on my blog it still has the old sketch type one I had changed and deleted. how can this be?


    It takes a while for gravatar changes to work through all of the wordpress data centers and servers. The change will show up here in the forums first, and then start showing up elsewhere after that. Typically after the change shows up in the forums it is only a short time till it shows up everywhere.


    I really hope so, because it’s been 5 days already since I last changed my photo. When I changed it before, it was visible at my comments by next day, that’s why I can’t understand why it takes so much now.
    Thank you anyway! I guess I’ll just keep the topic a bit longer until I see my photo change :)


    I don’t see your gravatar anywhere on your blog. Where exactly are you seeing that it has not changed?


    At the comments I wrote back to visitors. It’s under the Estrella Azul name.


    I’m seeing the flower gravatar on the comments.

    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.


    Thank you sooo much!!!
    I didn’t have to do this before, it changed normally, so it didn’t even occur to me as a possibility why it’s not working. Finally after 6 days I can see my photo already :)
    Many many thanks!!! Hugs!



    this is a test to see if my gravatar will show up…
    I’m having the same problem!!



    yup… its messed up :(



    Don’t use this thread to test it. There’s a thread in the Off Topic forum for testing your gravatar. Also, resolved threads are just that: resolved. If you require help, either find another, still open thread, or start a new one. And we need a link to your blog in order to help you.


    when i use internet explorer i see my picture, but when i use firefox it shows the generic one still


    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and try again.

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