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My Greek accented characters dont diplay on my smart phone any more.

  1. My blog is in Greek. Up to a few weeks ago it appeared fine on my smart phone. The past few weeks it skips accented characters. Has something changed in WordPress ? Why does that happen ? Can I fix it ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this regarding ? And, what kind of phone are you using?

  3. Yes, its regarding
    I am using an IDEOS XS with a version 2.2.1 Android.

  4. I can see them correctly in my iPhone, and one of my colleagues with an HTC can also see them in the Chrome browser, but not the built-in Android browser.

    Have you tried viewing it with the mobile theme disabled at Appearance -> Mobile in your blog's Dashboard?

  5. By disabling Appearace-Mobile, I can see them just fine, thank you. But I am still having problems with other blogs I used to read fine, which also now have the same problem. So it must be someting thayt changed in WordPress that does it.

  6. Yes, we're looking into the problem still.

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