My header font is screwed up!

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    I have no idea how this happened, but when someone (including me) views my blog, the header font and formatting is different than the font and formatting I chose. This seems to have just randomly and spontaneously happened a few weeks ago.

    I can’t find anyplace to edit the font, but when I go into the header editor, the font appears correct there (i.e. in the header edit page, my font appears as the one I’ve chosen, but when the blog is actually viewed, the font is different.) Also, the header subtext is supposed to be left-justified (and it appears left justified on the edit page) but appears on the blog as centered.

    This is totally mystifying me. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    did a test w/ your 2010 theme using a 980×180 header image; my header text sits on the header exactly where yours is; the header text on your site is left justified on my screen;

    on the 2010 theme out of the box – with no premium customize option – the only editing of the header text available is what you see in the header panel;



    The header (i.e. “The Practical Primitivist”) is left justified, but the subtext (“Musings and (Mis)Adventures”) is now centered.

    And the font is a fine font, it’s just not the font I chose for my blog when I first established it 3 years ago. These changes happened spontaneously on my blog weeks ago, and I want my blog back to the way I originally designed it.

    The confusing thing is, when I go to the header editor, the header font still looks like the one I chose. But when the blog is viewed, it is a different font.

    At this point it kinda appears to me that the maker of this theme (or is somehow screwing with my original settings in order to force me to upgrade so I have the power to edit my blog back to the way I originally designed it.

    If that is the case, it is not cool. And if I have to buy a premium custom option to keep my blog’s setting from being screwed with, I’m more likely to take my business elsewhere. I already pay fees to keep this blog running, I don’t see why I should have to pay more just to keep the blog the way I originally established it in the first place.


    No more word from anyone on this? I take it my options are to either buy an upgrade or take my blog/business elsewhere?

    All I want is for my header to look the way it looked when I first established this blog — the way it always looked until something or someone (not me) changed it a few weeks ago.



    Well, your BEST option would have been to post this in the Themes forum. I’ll flag it for moving to there. Meanwhile you can go there and look at the threads for your theme and see if someone has experienced and resolved this problem.


    I don’t know if the problem has anything to do with my theme or not. All I know is the font and orientation of the words on my blog’s header has changed and I wasn’t the one who changed it, nor am I allowed to change it (unless I pay more money, apparently).

    But whatever works to get things back to normal (as long as it doesn’t involve me paying more for my blog just to keep what I already have) yeah, I’ll take it.

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