My header image is gone.

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    I got the theme Fanwood Light a few days ago, and I love it. But recently, my header image has disappeared. It was perfect yesterday, but last night it just vanished. I have tried using other pictures, and they don’t work either. Also, when I preview other blog themes, the header is there again. It just doesn’t show up on Fanwood Light, even though it did yesterday. I have viewed my blog on other computers, but it’s still not there. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    It will create a tab in your admin panel which will allow you to change header images. You can register default images if you are a theme designer to give users more options. It also allows users to upload custom images for the header. Last but certainly not the least, this feature utilizes post thumbnails on single post pages. If your post thumbnail is big enough to fit the header size, then it will use your post thumbnail as the header instead of the default image. If your thumbnail is bigger, then it will crop it down for you.

    Custom Header in WordPress 3.0


    I believe it is a glitch. Do you think it will fix itself?



    Hi there,
    I tagged this thread for help from Themes Staff. Please subscribe to the thread and be patient while waiting.



    Make sure the header image is in your Media Library ie. on servers because if it isn’t it cannot be displayed.


    Thanks you. It is in my Media Library, and it used to work, but now it doesn’t.



    Thanks for that confirmation. Please be patient while waiting for a Themes Staff response.



    Howdy! I’m seeing a custom header image on your site right now. Has this problem been fixed?

    ETA: I’m seeing a recent bug fix for custom headers for Fanwood Light in our ticket system, so I’m going to assume this was the case here, and that all is well. :)


    Yes, this has been fixed. Thanks for your concern.

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