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My header just disappeared, now default

  1. It's me again, the Croat with his bad English grammar. :D
    I searched the forum and I couldn't find the right answer because everyone is talking about some CSS which I did not touched.
    I uploaded yesterday my own header and it worked fine yesterday and today the whole day. It even worked 20 minutes ago. Now my header disappeared and I only see the default header. I tried to upload it again and again and it always says that the upload was successful but I still only see the default header.
    I spent so much time to get everything just like I wanted to and now this. I'm so disappointed.
    Please help me!
    my blog:
    the header I want:

  2. Seems WordPress is having a bit of trouble with headers at the moment (my blog is affected too). I'm sure it'll be sorted as soon as possible. Until then, just sit tight. :)

  3. @dailygrumble- thumbs up :)

    For css customized theme header problems perhaps Andy's post in this thread will be helpful ...
    Check out Andy's point entitled Second. I apologize, in advance, if it's not helpful.

    See Mark's post in this thread and please be patient.

  4. Wow! Thank you for your quick help. I'm just not used to that people respond to questions in a forum that fast.
    Now should I leave everything like it is and hope that tomorrow everything is alright again? Cross my fingers. :)

    @dailygrumble: I saw on your blog a Blog Stats that shows 6,320 hits. How did you do that? I want that too but I'm like the biggest noob here. :D

  5. You're welcome and if we all get on our knees *lol* then maybe it will be fixed today instead of tomorrow. ;)

  6. Oh see thats the problem timethief! Don't know where are you from, but over here in Croatia it is 11:09 pm.
    I have to go to sleep in one hour or so and for me it would just be fine if it's fixed tomorrow. :)

  7. *lol* I'm Canadian. It's 2:10 in the afternoon here and I have yet to blog a single word. I've been answering questions on the forum since I got up.
    P.S. I appreciate your sense of humour. :)

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