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My highest number of hits

  1. Yesterday was my highest number of hits so far, 222

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Congrats! 2 days was my highest hit: 3,478 ;)...I don't know how long it will take to beat that.

  3. 116 mine, I'm still newish though :)

  4. Mine was 204!

  5. @ noirciplume, Kirsty that is fantastic, even the White house would not get that :)

    My other blog used to get between 300 - 350 a day.

  6. um..... don't laugh... it's only been a few weeks since I have really been posting. But, I was so excited to hit a whopping 21. And I opened up a bottle of wine to celebrate the followers I gained.

  7. Even the greats start somewhere.

  8. When I started I was happy to get at least 1 view everyday. In time those figures will double. It might take months, but if you love your blog; stats don't really count.

  9. i never check my stats :)

  10. Then how do you know you got 222 hits yesterday :O

  11. O'dear, i know, i went to check who linked to my site by Referrer.

    Got out of that one ok :)

  12. Hits, Page Views, Unique Visitors

    What is a hit? In web analytics, a hit is any request for a file from a web server. By request means a hit calculates page content delivered, all images to complete that page, and any additional files that need to be loaded to make the web page you are looking at, appear the way it does.

    What is a page view?
    A page view is a request to load a single page of an internet site that results from a page request from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page which is pointing to the page in question.

    What is a unique visitor? A unique visitor is access from a single IP to a web server that generates page views and hits during a particular visit. When a visitor has cookies disabled, there is no way of establishing if they are a unique visitor or not.

    Here’s the bottom line

    Sitemeter, Statcounter, wordpress stats and all the others will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of the stats counters only as a general guide to hits.

    Understand that an application that is not running on the same servers your blog is on is going to be susceptible to wild fluctuations. This is because all hits have to be transferred over the internet to different servers, and there are literally thousands of things that can go wrong between the server your blog is on and the server at the stats place.

    Also be aware of the possibility that the software or hardware at the stats place may be broken and not recording, or counting things as intended.

  13. invisiblemikey

    My biggest was the day I started, which I suspect was because WP did some sort of search engine optimization trick along with registering me initially to Google and the rest. I do enjoy looking at the stats, to observe and think about why some things are more and less popular. It's been pretty much what you would expect. If I write about current news topics and pop culture, it gets read more. Sometimes it's based on tags. If some celeb I mention becomes a news story, my old posts suddenly get re-read.

  14. @ T T , i understand what you say and know from the past that the hits don't mean very much, but it shows that my blog / tags/ posts are getting more hits day by day. But its not a thing to get worried about.

    @ invisiblemikey, i made a big mistake with my last blog and all the tags where wrong, so i had to change hundreds of them after timethief told my about them, then the hits started.

  15. @dribblingpensioner
    Hi there,
    I was pointing out that stats are based on page views.

  16. Ok, thanks TT, my graph will never look like that one :)

  17. Thanks for all the good info in this thread. I had even more hits yesterday - 24. I like the stats because I know someone is reading. I have noticed by bests days are the weekends.

    @ardpete. thanks for the reassurance. "Even the greats start somewhere."

  18. Seems I shall break the 116 record today since putting that BlogSurfer thing on the blog, I'm at 102 so far and it's only middle of the day. Stats I don't really care about but I do like people viewing my blog and if I get at least one more person that views it regularly, it'll have been worth it.

  19. dlcsmanagement


  20. dlcsmanagement

    ..going to study what that BlogSurfer is about..

  21. @ ardpete

    I have used blogsufer for about 3 years and find you get a lot of visitors from it, but as usual, it goes up and down.

  22. You do get visitors form blogsurfer, just no comments or subscriptions.

  23. true noirciplume

  24. Well as long as you guys keep commenting that's all that matters :)

  25. Just to flip the thing totally, I woke up to 3, yes THREE page views overnight. That is the lowest I've ever had in the time frame that the rest of the world is up and awake while we are alseep - usually it is up around the 50 - 70 mark during that time frame.

    So I have NO idea what happened overnight!

  26. I'm well down to-day also, people must be busy protesting all around the world.

  27. I even checked had something big happened in the news - nothing I could see. LOL Oh well, it is what it is!

    My highest day, to get back on topic, was 574.

  28. It is now officially the day I have gotten the most page views, I shall share what the final number is at the end of the night though.

  29. I got 178 today. Not bad.

  30. Lol, I like how you get 178 and you consider that not bad, I get 175 for the final number today, my best day ever haha.

    I'm happy if I end up with 40 views a day.

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