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My highest number of hits

  1. "Not bad" was more of a positive thought. Actually my final number was 193. Don't forget I was FP, so i'm slowly seeing my figures reducing. Today actually went up a bit.

    But yes before being FP I got around 40 hits a day. So same as you.

    I'm just wondering how long I can keep it in the 100s.

    Have a good morning ;)

  2. Haha you too :D

  3. signaturealamode

    congrats ardpete :-) You'll be at 200 in no time.

  4. 47 was highest, but I seem to hover around 25 a day. Im hoping that better tagging and more posts will improve that number!

  5. One can hope :D I never pay attention to tags, I just promote the hell out of it and be kind to others :)

  6. My highest was 205. That was around the time I used to post daily. Now I get 100 a day.

  7. eight


  8. 95 :) Very exited !!

  9. michaelcargill

    My highest number of views was 181 a couple of weeks back. I did a story about Hugh Heffner inviting Amanda Knox to the Playboy Mansion.

  10. 8365 on August 20, 2011

    Photos I had been taking were linked to from a couple of sites news sections.


    Still gets hits everyday.

  11. Still under a 100, but made 79.

    Only posting here again because my numbers doubled the next day. Maybe this thread is good luck!

  12. dribblingpensioner

    Another new high yesterday 232, but i think a post about Gaddafi helped.

  13. I'll have to post about Gaddafi then haha

  14. 354 was my best day back on September 29, but 254 of that were from one Post, lol. That post bursted me over 200 for a few days, and then it dropped to 0, very strange.

    Other than that I had a day at 167 recently, and before my best was 112.

    Generally I get somewhere around 60 to 80 hits a day.

  15. Personally, i'm not big on hits. I rather have subscribers. At least there are people around who would actually read my blog.

    UNLESS you wanna make money from your blog and need 20k views a month, then the hits are important.

  16. Last week, I had over 100 hits every day, which is highly unusual for my blog. 2 days of over 100, 2 days of over 200, and the rest were 300+. My biggest day ever was last week with 412! I have no idea where they all came from suddenly. It made me anxious.

  17. Yesterday was actually my Highest Day at 401, but like before, that one Post has flared up again, so 309 of those Hits were from that one Post, lol. Oh well, minus that Post, that still put me close to 100, so I was happy.


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