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My home page is not showing the title of the latest post..

  1. Hi ,
    i have een wondering my home page does not show the title of the latest post.. the post page shows the title but it does not appear in the home page..
    can someone help me out ..??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please edit the post and be sure that there is a title in the Title field. If there is a title then you will have to contact Staff for help

  3. thats what i said ..if u go the post seperately it shows the title ..
    the above link will show u the title..but when viewed in the home page it does not show

  4. Hi again Arvind,
    Yes I confirm that. I thought that if you edited the post, typed in the title again and clicked publish it might take. Will you please contact Staff directly for help.

  5. yeah .. thanks.. i tried that too...not working ..i have contacted them .. hopefully they would be replying soon...
    thanks for the help once again :)

  6. That post might be in the "asides" category. Any post in the "asides" category will not show a title (its for sort of short status update types of things).

    Go to appearance > theme options and if a category is set for asides, from the pulldown select "select a category" and that will set it so that NO category is the asides category. Make sure and click save after changing it.

  7. Good catch!

  8. @ thesacredpath

    thanks for the help.. that solves the problem.. i might have added movies to the aside category without knowing what it does :P ... i have removed it ..


    thanks for your time too :)

  9. You're welcome.

  10. @arvind
    You're most welcome. Happy blogging! :)

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