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My Home page of the Blog

  1. My home page looks like this:


    and the reason is i deleted the pre-determined message that was there, now - i cant manage to post something else instead likw wellcome to my wont let me - can someone help me with this?

    the "HOME" page doesnt exist either, deleted this one too - thought it would ask me what do i want to be my default page... well...

  2. Please post the url for your blog. The theme you have chosen has a "home" page and it does not have widgets.

  3. what does it mean? widgets? my blog is private...

    in general - what should i do??

    i just want to change the post on the main page...

  4. (1) You can edit any post you have made here -> Manage -> Posts
    locate the post in question click "edit" make the changes and then click "save".

    (2) Widgets are what you see in blog sidebars. The theme you chose does not have widgets and therefore does not have a sidebar.

    (3) Do you want a static front page that has a welcome greeting and forces every visitor to click through it every time they visit your blog in order to find your posts? If so this is how to achieve that

    (4) If you are more specific about exactly what you want to achieve then we can do a better job helping you.

  5. but i cant save it in the homepage.....
    because i have deleted it from the pages...

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  7. Thanks - static page was want i was looking for, can i delete Home - from the static page?

    i dont want anyone to click it and get nowhere..

  8. Some themes come with a "Blog" or "Home" page coded into them. We cannot delete them but we can hide them like this

  9. Problem Solved - THANK YOU!!!

  10. YAY! another happy camper. Will you please mark this thread "resolved"?
    And, as you are new to wordpress, here's a link to a Beginner's Guide with helpful links in it
    Happy blogging :)

  11. I cant hide it either, "home" is not 1 of my choices,mabey its my theme,why would they make a theme 1 couldnt edit?? oh, money, I,m supposed to by some css thing it looks like, I,ll just live with it or choose a new theme,how frustrating,wish they hadnt said"free blog"

  12. @exposedd - what is the url of your blog, please?

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