My homepage won't work (but the rest of the pages do) – Error 404 with www

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    A while ago I purchased a GoDaddy domain through Google Apps and used for my blog in another platform. Now that I migrated the info to my new and I payed for the mapping, the trouble started.

    I changed the name of the servers manually in GoDaddy and WordPress recognize them without problem. I also updated the email settings on the Custom DNS Records section. And then, the website started to show Error 404 Google page.

    After I checked GoDaddy I figured was a Google thing, so I logged in the Google Apps and I noticed a section that said “Redirect the naked domain ( to” which by default was www.

    I started to notice that if I entered without the www it will work so, I inserted manually a www CNAME in the Custom DNS Records section, directing google (later, I deleted it and nothing changed). I also tried to change the option in Webmasters Tool that let you work only with www or non-ww depending of your choice (this won’t even let me set it, since asked me for verification, even if I had entered it with CNAME).

    Now not even the naked domain works. The most irritating thing is that the individual posts work fine, but not the homepage that remains in an annoying Google Error 404 page.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    Hmph… now is working sometimes and then Error 404 again. I’ll then assume it’s a time matter so the DNS controls update completely (haven’t pass 24h since I change them).

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