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My host is holding my files hostage

  1. I have a blog hosted on someone's WordPress site, and due to a personal conflict having nothing to do with the blog, they have chosen to make my files unavailable to me. The files have nothing to do with them. However I do not have access to the files now.

    We had a conflict over a financial situation, and they are bringing my blog into the situation by demanding me to do something they want. The files don't do them any good. It's just a matter of telling me that if I don't do something specific, they won't release my file.

    These files are the culmination of three years' research which I am using to write a book. All my information for that book is in these blog posts (unpublished, of course). Is there any way I can request WordPress to force the host to release my files to me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have access to their usernames or passwords to try to go in and get my files out.

  3. What is the URL of the site that is "holding your files hostage."


  5. I don't want any action taken against her. I just want my files.

  6. My blog is

  7. If I could just get the files for moved over here, that would be fine too. I can give you my username and password for logging in at worrellsworld if I have to verify that info.

  8. If these "files" are not visible to the public, there isn't any way we can go extract them. Breaking into someone else's computer is a criminal offense.

    As for forcing them to release the files, that's something you will need to do, even if it goes all the way to court. This is one of those cases (and there are constantly way too many of them) where people should take personal responsibility to keep copies (more than one) of their own files. For example I regularly download the XML file of my blog here at

  9. ah ok

  10. A bit of Google search work and it Looks like a plain old domestic dispute

  11. Bad news. That is not a WordPress.COM blog but a WordPress.ORG blog and we won't be able to help you with that. This is one reason all authors should have backups of their blogs.

    Google MAY have a cached version of your blog posts. That's all I can suggest.

  12. even if they are unpublished?

  13. I want to delete this topic

  14. You can't. It remains here for the benefit of other people who may be in similar situations.

    If the blog posts were published, it's likely that Google has a cached version. If they were private, you're probably out of luck unless you can settle with her.

  15. If they were never visible to the public in any way, Google would not see them. OTOH, if some obscure link let to them in a way that humans would have not see, Google could follow that and find them.

    The forum thread cannot be deleted except maybe by special staff action, but I doubt they do that.

  16. At least you have a new blog, now. Publish what you want as long as it is within the limits of the ToS.

  17. WilmingtonGuy, I'm a reporter and I would love to do a written email interview with you to hear your side of this story. I think it could help other people who might find themselves in your situation. Email me at [email redacted] if you're interested.

  18. It took out my email. Try lauren at dailydot dot com?

  19. Yes, the forum eats emails for breakfast.

  20. If I can show that the person holding my files is doing so intentionally, based on forums posts which I have copied, and based on the URL of the forums where the discussion was held, is it THEN possible for me to get my files, as it shows intent of the person stating "I am holding his files" et cetera.

  21. I think the whole "I'll give you your book back if you give me my car back" kinda shows that whole extortion angle already.

  22. And you cannot get your files from WordPress.COM because the site isn't and never has been hosted here. It's a totally independent site using software from WordPress.ORG. That doesn't mean the situation can't be resolved, it just means that cannot be part of the resolution.

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