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My blog never posts in topic "poems"

  1. my blog has never posted to the "poems" page in the topics. I have tried to get help for this before but was blown off quite frankly. The response is that your posts don't always show because you have a lot of blogs competing for posting. My reply to this was that my other blogs will post the same post everytime in this topic. Every time. The same post. Every time. Yet this blog will NEVER post in that topic. It does however post EVERY TIME in other topics like "poetry". EVERY TIME without fail. It NEVER posts in the "poems" topic although my other blogs do EVERY TIME. This stands to reason is not because you have a lot of blogs. this drastically limits the exposure of this blog. Please look into why this particular blog doesn't post in this particular topic of "poems" while it always posts in other topics.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

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  3. thank you

  4. thistimethisspace

    You're welcome. As you have previously posted on this same topic some time ago now in this case I assume the reasons for non-appearance found here do not apply.

  5. Yes they do not. As stated earlier I did report before and was in contact with staff for that report but was told by them what I wrote in my comment above. They simply said they have like 31 million blogs and you posts are competing with them so won't always show yet what I wrote above seems to contradict that. I firmly believe since the conditions stated above are so constant to the point of never failing to be the case, it can't be because of that. When I told them this, they simply stopped responding.

    below is what I told them and what I'm referring to as posted above:

    my other blogs will post the same post everytime in this topic. Every time. The same post. Every time. Yet this blog will NEVER post in that topic. It does however post EVERY TIME in other topics like "poetry". EVERY TIME without fail. It NEVER posts in the "poems" topic although my other blogs do EVERY TIME.

    Thank you for your help.

  6. Yes they do not.

    Thank you for the confirmation. I'm sorry Staff haven't assisted you yet. Please be patient while waiting.

  7. I will. Thanks so much. I just hope they don't try to come back with the same explanation because the facts I've stated above are not exagerated. These things do really happen on the "every time" "never" basis I explained.

    Thank you again.

  8. Hi Scott,

    I'm seeing an error when I check one of your URLs against the topic. Could you take one of your posts and remove the tags, then re-add them and republish the post? And let me know the URL specifically for the post.

    If that doesn't fix the issue, I'll need the URL as well as the tags that you used specifically to try to dig deeper.


  9. so just to be clear. You want me to delete an existing post and then repost it without any tags?

    I' thinking you want me to keep the post as is but you only want me to remove the existing tags and repost the post as is without the tags since I've removed them? Then let you know the url of the post I chose?

    I'm not thinking that will resolve anything because it's happened to every single post I've posted from this blog ever since it's creation. It's not just a single post that has done this. Everyone has done this or not done this as the case may be, from the creation of this blog. There is some reason this blog has an issue with posting to that particular tag "poems"

  10. I'm trying it anyway but not sure what it's going to do. As I've said, there has not been a single post from this blog that has ever once posted to "poems". It has posted to other tags though. Everytime. Like "poetry" for example. I don't know if it's posted to the "creative writing" or "writing" as I never really check those. I always check "poems" and "poetry" though.

  11. OK I've just done it with this:

    I went into edit mode and removed the tags then I readded them. Then I reposted.

    I didn't see it post anywhere on the tags like for "poems" and "poetry" but that is probably because this was an older post.

  12. I checked our internal tool, and this post tags have actually registered! But you're right - it looks like it would be more than 60 days' worth of posts back in the flow.

    For your next poem, could you try to publish and then go back into the post and add the tags then update? I'll be happy to check the post URL once you do so, if you don't see it in the Reader.

  13. so you're saying post the poem without tags, then go back into edit and add tags and post again?

  14. Yes - I know it's tedious (and I don't believe you'd need to for every post), but I want to make sure that you can get a post out with your tags registering once first.

  15. are you saying this cannot be resolved and the best we can hope for is a work around? I never really have any idea when my next poem will come to me.

  16. I'm not saying that this will not be resolved. Although I suspect that getting the other post to tag correctly may have fixed your problem, I want to be extra sure, and so, wanted you to take this extra step as a precaution. I do understand if it is too cumbersome to remember, and indeed, you may find that your regular posting method works fine next time you post.

  17. no I just wanted to be sure I had it right. It's not cumbersome unless I have to do it every time and even that would be preferred to it not posting there at all. I just do want to be sure I understand you.

    What about releasing any of those backed up posts? Is that a possibility?

    So just to be sure. I make my next post with no tags first. Then go into "edit" and put my tages in and the "update" the post and see if that works?

    Is that it and would I have to do that everytime?


  18. Hi again,

    As far as I can tell, the only way to get those older posts to appear would be to untag them, update, re-tag, update them. And then they'd be showing up in those Topics pretty far in the past. But there isn't a magic button I can push to get them there all at once :( I'm really sorry!

    Yes, what you describe are the steps I recommend for your next poem - you shouldn't need to do it again after this next one. After this upcoming post (whenever you publish), you can go back to publishing the first time with your tags intact as you would expect it to work.

    I hope that helps clarify a little bit!

  19. well I did try to get your support to address this when it began happening and it was obvious to me I was being blown off with suspect logic. So I had given up for a while since at about that time I was banned from here. I was only trying to get help for something you now see I was correct about. The only thing I was guilty of was not buying the brush off. I'm glad you're trying to help now. Thanks.

    Is it possible we keep this thread open until I make a new post and test this? I don't want to have to explain it all again to someone else who may again try to brush me off.

    Thank you

  20. when I say your, I don't mean you personally. I mean WordPress

  21. The threads close automatically if there is no new post after a certain amount of time - I believe 60 days. But I will not proactively close it, so you can come back and post again. If you don't post within that time, you can start another thread with a link here, and tag it modlook so that staff will see it and be able to make the connection, without you having to rehash the entire situation again.

    I take no offense - I think that your frustration is really rational. I'm very sorry you've been having such a stressful time with this!

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