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My Humor Blog


    New post, where I tell you how to sustain a long term relationship and fake being happy.


    About sad people and Twitter. Never a bad combo.

  3. Absolutely love it !
    Check out my articles


    The last of the Ultraman column, where he teaches you how to make a perfect tv show.

  5. A few new posts and a new page coming this week, about weddings and more Hanna Barbera cartoons.

    On a side note, what are these awards I keep seeing being mentioned, like "Versatile Blogger"?


    Wrote an article for The Smoking Jacket, which is linked above.

  7. Added another link to a webcomic I sometimes write for, The Sad Executioner, in which a depressed medieval man fights monsters with a giant axe.

  8. Added another link to the "Other Stuff" page, where I reveal my undying love for the show "Young Justice."

  9. I hate to blow up a thread, but my semi-regular Twitter post is up, Learn how to be a real boyfriend. And then teach yourself how to be more cool.


    Busiest writing week of my life. Added more to the Other Jokes page, where I talk about tailgating and drinking.


    Watch the Robonic Stooges, as they fail in the most spectacular fashion possible.


    I added a link to an article I published for another site "Eight Ways That Steven Seagal Improves The Movie Making Process." Read it, or have your wrist broken in 4 places.

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