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  1. I was becoming the "pajama queen" due to being married. Today, I gave myself a complete makeover. I feel great and my husband said I look "hot."

    Wanted to share with everyone, all the things I did in one day, to make me look hot to my husband! These are all things that you can do to "get" a man too!

    I was tired of the pajamas! :) Men are visual creatures. I forget that! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Blog about dressing and fashion i like it so much and congratulations you are married with such a husband who is saying that you are looking hot . He loves you very much

  3. @ beecricket - Well. I thought so, until I reviewed the icloud today. Thank God for icloud cause I see everything my entire family does, and where they go, what sites they visit and who they speak to! Apparantly, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit ap is very popular.

    Don't know why a person would need that, when they have all of "this" at home. :) Needless to say, Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos are all he will be seeing for the next six months. .:)

    Thank you icloud!!! Thanks for the comment

  4. Check out my latest blogs at:

    1) a reblog from one of my favorite journal blogs: impossibletopredict - I love journal blogs, that are passionate!

    2) iPhone apps/Tips for parents - some of the apps are luring children into chat rooms, with cartoon logos on the apps. Recently, during a 5 hour iPhone family audit, I found out many things that parents may not be aware of regarding the iPhone and apps .

  5. Everyone - I just stumbled upon this blog:

    It is honestly, the most honest, pure written journal I have yet to read on

    However, it is rated R or X perhaps????

    I found it to be quite interesting, and the most REAL blog, I have yet to read on

  6. My new post:

    All of the wierd things I caught myself saying to my dog! :) Like I am speaking to a person!

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