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My idea/wish

  1. rainflowermoon

    I'd be so nice to have a free desktop client that works seamlessly with wordpress in general. The ones I've tried are just too buggy and aren't really specific. I've tried them all that I know of. A client with the same, clean interface and features as wordpress...that is my wish :)

  2. Have you tried Ecto?

  3. He said free though. Ecto isn't free.

  4. Don't know whether you tried it or not: I am currently in love with Performancing extension in Firefox. Integration with seems very tight. Picks up categories, auto insert of technorati tags.

  5. If I'm using wordpress without an outside host, can I still integrate with something like Firefox? Do I have to download the WP software, and if so, how do I integrate the downloaded material with my site?

  6. If you're using WP elsewhere you shouldn't ask for support on this site. Use

  7. as for free win32 clients, you may give a try to Qumana Editor ( and Zempt (

    Qumana doesn't have an HTML editor though it allows to edit tables. in contrary MTClient is a most sofisticated tool but lacks WYSIWYG editor.

    some people use a Zoundry Blog Writer (

    all those apps "works seamlessly with wordpress in general".

  8. do they work with Or do I have to have my own blog space, using wordpress software??

  9. * yes, all of them do work w/
    * no, you don't have to

    it doesn't matter to offline client whether it's a blog on a paid host driven by WordPress blogging software, or hosted blog.

    both use the same open 'protocol' to post and retrive weblog posts.

  10. I tried the three options mentioned, and it seems Qumana is the best out of them. Any other applications?

  11. other apps I am aware about are either under commercial license only or currently is in raw (beta) stage.

    there are some non win32 apps like bloGTK for instance.

    the last one actually is actually a Python script but it uses a GTK2 lib so...

  12. You could also install Performancing for Firefox.

    It works very well.

  13. I've been trying out performancing of firefox, and yes, it's working quite well. There are some features missing, but overall, I think it'll satisfy my needs. Nonetheless, I'm still curious about those commercial applications, and I'd be willing to pay for a good program. Care to tell me which ones, Options?

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