My idol uses WP. Notable!

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    I gotta say that had many nice notable users. But you also have great coders and supporters!

    The web designer who brings me my job inspiration every day has made two designs that is used as WordPress themes on this site. Hhis designs are so popular everywhere that his (WordPress) blog has a technorati ranking of #5 right now with 24,000 plus links from 16,000 different blogs. Although he is not on the pop list any more, since he is a theme designer… I bet many of the designers and WordPress ppl know that feeling…

    But I would still call the man Notable, because… He makes simple things, but his work f’in rocks anyway. Because simplicity is beauty! Use his skills, ppl, he would probably love to help you out in any way he can. Or I´m just a maniac fan who thinks I can speak for some one else, heh… :)

    Go, Andreas, go!!



    The fan goes wild! Uummm and a fellow user of Andreas 09 smiles broadly in agreement and asks: And your support question would be? ;D

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