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My Image Header Is Messing Up

  1. Help Me!!!!!!! I can not see my image header. It is only white. When I go to change it it shows the header as white. I try to upload it and nothing chnages. My link is Tell me if you can see it and it is just my mac or not. If not can you tell me how to fix it? please help!!!

  2. Please help!

  3. It just happened to me too!

  4. So it is probably WordPress!

  5. I just checked by blogs with WP.. they are all missing pictures.. something failed at WP?

  6. oh man! this sucks.

  7. Image header missing. So are all photos included in all posts. What's up here, folks?

  8. Yeah same here with my pictures. Hoepfully something that is just temporary.

  9. I better be. I'm changing my header today. Bad timing wordpress!

  10. Yeah, I'm having the same problems here as well! Header and images all gone!

  11. same!

  12. how much longer do you figure guys?

  13. here too - in addition to any other images I have hosted on wordpress.

  14. Same here... header, hosted files all gone, only my flickr images remain.

  15. The pics on my front page are ok it's just the ones on other pages.

  16. Amazon's S3 Service is down which is causing image serving problems on We are currently investigating.

  17. Cheers for the update.

  18. My header and half of my sidebar images are likewise missing, even after trying to re-upload them. Glad to know that it's not anything I'm doing wrong. Thanks for looking into it, Oh Key Master.

  19. Can we get a sticky on this?


    they responded in the neighboring thread

  21. possessedbyseitan

    Yeah, our images are messing up, and no header either... thanks for the response, hope you can sort this out soon.

  22. just as my blog got features.. i have the same problem. :(

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