my images and thumbnails keep growing!

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    I am trying to upload pics and post either as thumnails linked to the files or as full size images. I’m using Pliska image resizer which I’ve used for years to shrink images to send as email attachments. I’ve tried uploading images of different sizes (about 60K to 300K – 800 pixels to 2000 pixels) and when I put them on my post or page, they show up but then they keep getting bigger and grainier. In the HTML code the width and height get bigger and bigger. I’ll change them by hand but then they get bigger again! If I try to manually resize in the post-edit area by clicking and dragging on the corners of the image, instead of getting smaller they actually get bigger!! Finally I end up deleting the page and deleting the images and starting over, but the same thing seems to happen again and again. In 3 weeks I have not successfully put up a single picture because of this problem. I’m working in Firefox on a Vista machine. Please help!!

    I just tried again. The thumbnail looks good, maybe 1.5″ wide. I switch to the code tab and copied this:

    <img src=”” style=”width: 288px; height: 216px” alt=”Kitchen” />

    As soon as I switch back to the Visual Tab, the image gets bigger! So I switch back to the code tab, and lo and behold it has changed on its own:
    <img src=”” style=”width: 648px; height: 486px” alt=”Kitchen” />

    I can repeat this and each time it gets bigger. Here’s the third time (repetitive bits deleted):
    src=”” style=”width: 1458px; height: 1093.5px” alt=”Kitchen” />

    What the heck?


    Have you tried using the regular “width” and “height” attributes?

    <img src="" width="288" height="216" alt="Kitchen" />

    That’s what I do and mine have yet to change sizes on me.



    Just curious on your issue lstollin. I noticed that abbydonkrafts post has
    width=”288″ height=”216″ alt=”Kitchen” /

    and yours has
    style=”width: 1458px; height: 1093.5px” alt=”Kitchen” /

    Maybe you should just replace yours with abbydonkrafts’. Just my 2 cents’ worth


    That’s what I said in my post. Try using the regular “width” and “height” attributes instead of the “style” attribute (which WordPress likes to play with).

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