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My images don't show in the posts. Help?

  1. I've got a problem with my images. The images that I have published on my blog don't show in the posts. This problem is very new, for just a fem days ago you could see them. If you click on the "comment"button so that you see only that post, the images show, but not when all the posts are listed.

    Can someone help me, and tell me what it depends on and what I should do about it. Because they did show before, I know that it's not something wrong with how I've published them.

    I'm very grateful if someone can help me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *a FEW days ago, i mean. :)

  3. Hi. What you are describing is normal actually... You have a static front page and the only way to navigate through your posts is via the category links on the left sidebar. However, in the theme you selected, categories only show the beginning of the posts, without pictures. More info and workarounds here:

  4. Thank you! That was very helpful. I think I will change my theme, although I like the one I just started using. It seems to be the easiest way. :)

  5. Actually, you can keep the Pilcrow theme, but you'd have to use Excerpts in all your posts.

    But of course, changing themes is a quick way to solve it.

  6. Actually, I don't really understand exactly what the Excerpts box is. I've tried all I can think of, but nothing works so I don't understand what it is.

    Can someone explain what the Excerpts box is (I'm not really good at these stuff)? It would be great if I don't have to change the theme, because I really like Pilcrow except this problem with the images.

  7. This support article explains how to use excerpts:

    Basically you copy and paste what you see in the HTML tab into the Excerpts box that appears when you edit a post.

    If you don't see the Excerpts box, go to Screen Options on the top right corner and make sure Excerpts is checked.

  8. Thank you, now I found the excerpts box! But I can't put pictures there, am I right?

  9. Yes, you can, as long as you include the code for them.

  10. Ohhh, now I understand! Now I just have to change all my posts, but that will do with just a bit of patience.

    Thank you all very much for being so helpful!

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