my images have disappeasred only text remains

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    After a period of at least 8 months my images [photo’s of my art works [paintings] have dissapeared.
    It re-appeared and then was lost again.
    I’m using ‘Modularity Light’.
    Please help.
    Many thanks
    Leone Spies

    The blog I need help with is


    Do the images still show up in your media library (media > library)?


    Copious thanks for your response, tsp!
    I stand in for my wife Leone – I’m Pieter and still not very efficient in using all aspects of the blog.
    To answer your question – :
    No images appear in the Media library [there must have been 12+].
    Only two in the library, connected to the most recent post – but not the two that were published -?? [
    Could you read the text on the blog at all?.
    Some time back [+- 3 weeks] same dissapearance – and when I checked again all images back [on my computer when logging on to blog] . .
    To day report from friends in US – can see text but no images .
    Many thanks.
    Hope you can help, please.
    [my e-mail address if that would be easier ?]
    (email redacted)

    Hope to hear from you soon – I am marketing Leone’s artwork on the internet.



    I can only see the text and no images. The URLs confirm that they were hosted on (some people link to images that are elsewhere on the web). Could one of your editors accidentally deleted them from the media library?

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