My images showing as symbols

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    I’ve just published my latest post and although it looked fine on the preview, when i looked at it on my blog, the images only showed as HTML code. My blog is ‘Defying Leviticus’. Why would that happen? Hope you can help.



    Go to html editor and then paste the code there(not in visual editor). Make sure your html code was right. And the format of your pictures.
    Make sure their format is one of these


    Where IS HTML editor? I don’t seem to be able to use drop down menu on Settings from Dashboard. I am using ipad2, but please don’t suggest I ask on that forum because no one ever seems to answer questions except weeks later.



    You are in the right forum.
    Can’t you see the html option while editing a post? At the top of your editor?
    Go to “Edit post” and see it there.


    Thank you, iphonist for you patience. I did eventually find the HTML option and edited post. The images were still showing as code so I’ve just changed the images I inserted. They worked fine for some reason. Ah well. Thanks again.



    You’re welcome. Now mark it resolved properly.

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